This post includes some K-5 computing education (or computer science education or computational thinking- or coding-focused) resources.

I’ll use the term computing education in this post to refer to these terms, recognizing that there are distinctions between them that matter a great deal for many purposes.

This list is just a starting point and it is not exhaustive; there are likely better compendia; and, this is a new(ish) area for me.

I welcome additions, clarifications, and any other improvements that anyone suggests to this; reach out to me on Twitter ([@jrosenberg6432]( or by email (jmrosenberg AT utk dot edu).

This is related to my CS for All resarch practice-partnership project (led by Dr. Lynn Hodge, Dr. Amir Sadovnik, and leaders in area school districts).

Resources for activities:

possible readings:

possible curricula: