An Informal, Open Introduction to Using R Markdown in Education

Joshua Rosenberg


Like many things posted to the #rstats hashtag on Twitter, a recent post requesting resources related to using R Markdown led to a number of helpful ones. The post was in the context of learning R and R Markdown for research- related projects in education.

I shared many of the resources (and the post) with a graduate research assistant and thought about meeting one-on-one to review and walk through them. But, there are a few others at my institution who are also interested in learning R. So I thought to share the plan with and invite others - including those outside my institution to join in. Why not (don’t answer this)?

Here’s the plan:

This is thus especially for those in education - students, researchers, as well as data analysts/scientists - though anyone is welcome to join. Part of the premise of the book my co-authors and I wrote on data science in education is that it can be helpful to learn data science on the terms that are meaningful to you.

Teachers interested in using R to teach their students (in any content area) are (very) welcome. If any receive this message, high school or middle school-aged students (who can learn to use R) interested in learning R are welcome.

There’s a short sign-up form with only a question for your email address and the extent of your prior experience using R Markdown and why you’re interested in joining (mostly to weed out spammers), I’ll send a Zoom link before the workshop/conversation and won’t use your email address for any other purpose:

There are a lot of communities in which (and through) you can learn R; this is not one of them - it’s intended to be a one-off (somewhat random!) event - but I’ll point to those as some next steps for anyone who is interested.

If there is another webinar/conversation like this, it will likely be on git/GitHub.