Post-secondary courses related to data science in education - a crowdsourced list of sorts

Joshua Rosenberg


I solicited information baout courses related to data science in education, and ended up with more than I expected. This is a crowdsourced list, with courses spanning data science education (data science as a new context for teaching and learning) and the application of different data science methods to learning analytics and educational data mining:

There are also a few compendia of courses:

Kaggle has some resources:

If I made any omissions or mistakes, I’m sorry - I will correct this as soon as I learn I made them. This (clearly) is not a comprehensive list, but is also clearly a good one. If referred to by anyone other than myself, consider this just a snapshot in time of a subset of the wider educational community exploring these topics.

I asked because I am interested in offering a data science in education course at my institution - and it was and is very valuable to learn what others have created or will be offering in the near future.