Materials for an NSF BCSER proposal

Joshua Rosenberg


To share in a neat and fairly-comprehensive proposal library from my institution, I gathered materials from the National Science Foundation’s Building Capacity in STEM Education Research program proposal I submitted (in last June; it was awarded soon after - in August).

I wrote a post on the project then (here).

The proposal library had examples from a number of disciplines (and for a number of funders), but did not have any for educational research.

I collected the following:

They’re compiled in this document: rosenberg-nsf-bcser-proposal.pdf

The administrator in charge of the library noted that some proposals included budget information, while others did not, and that what to include (apart from the narrative) was my decision. Since I worked at a public university and could not foresee an objection to my sharing it, I included the budget justification (no one wants to see the actual budget document, I think - it’s complex and hard to read!). I also included the questions I received (and my responses to them) after first hearing (in July) that the grant was being considered for funding.

The grant writing process was initially shrouded in mystery for me, and the help I received from others was invaluable, and I hope this serves as one source of help for anyone interested, especially anyone interested in applying to this program designed to bolster the work of educational researchers.