A fall outdoors

Joshua Rosenberg


I wrote a blog post more than a week ago on feeling like we’ve (started to) arrive to Knoxville; a big part of the reason why has been the chance to spend time as a family outdoors—a silver lining of a difficult year. I think one or two of these dates may be inaccurate by a day or two (I mainly used pictures and recordings from Strava to recall them), but, I spent a bit of time capturing our walks and hikes, all except for three (Mt. Sterling, AT around Hot Springs, and West Prong) either as a family or with my son, since the beginning of the fall semester. GSMNP = Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Date Trail Location Miles
11/15 Mt Sterling Loop GSMNP 16.72
11/14 Norris Dam Norris Dam State Park 3.00
11/7 Laurel Falls Trail GSMNP 4.06
11/2 Obed Point Trail Obed 4.36
10/31 Seven Islands Seven Islands State Park 2.50
10/25 Bote Mountain GSMNP 5.32
10/24 Frozen Head Frozen Head State Park 2.50
10/23 Seven Islands State Park Seven Islands State Park 2.50
10/17 Emory Falls Frozen Head State Park 2.85
10/9 AT around Hot Springs Pisgah 10.09
10/4 Clingman’s Dome, AT GSMNP 3.09
9/28 Natural Tunnel Natural Tunnel State Park 2.30
9/22 West Prong GSMNP 4.00
9/20 Sharp’s Ridge Knox 4.00
9/12 Seven Islands State Park Seven Islands State Park 2.50
8/30 Ijams Ijams 2.00
8/23 Ijams Ijams 2.00
8/20 Hastie William Hastie 3.00
8/16 Middle Prong GSMNP 3.19

It’s hard to pick a favorite, it would probably be Emory Falls; a perfect late afternoon Saturday hike with my little one. Another favorite was Obed Point Trail. Clingman’s Dome was fun, but a long drive (~ 1h 45m minutes, each way). A favorite hike that we didn’t make it to this fall was to Abrams Creek, only 50m from Knoxville but in the Smokies. I actually thought we went sometime in August, but could not find any record of it!

```me and joro by waterfall