Summer stress

Joshua Rosenberg


We moved around two weeks ago, which is really thrilling. Also, Katie began a school librarian position at L&N STEM Academy, a fantastic and unique public magnet school in Knox County Schools last week, which is also really thrilling. And, so … this summer has been so good! And it has been stressful.

Last weekend, I took our little camping while Katie worked at home to set up the house. It was at my favorite non-Smokies getaway (as the Smokies are in a category of their own), Frozen Head State Park. It’s fantastic, but don’t tell anyone, because it is a bit of a hidden gem as a kid-friendly campground (though the Barkley Marathons happen to be there.

In March and April, I camped or backpacked a bunch, including a wild, cold backpacking trip in the Smokies with our little one. Then the summer began, and the busy-ness and some stress has not abated much, but I am camping with our little one again this weekend and next week, and so am planting a bit of a flag - the summer stress is done. What fall will bring is another question.