New comment in JRST: Open for whom?

Joshua Rosenberg


I wrote a comment with my colleagues Aaron Kessler and Rasheda Likely on open science in science education. The paper is titled Open for whom? The need to define open science for science education. The paper takes a constructively critical stance on open science, arguing that open science reforms need to advance in such a way that they meet the aims of the science education research–and the wider science education–communities/systems.

A link to a paper (accessible to anyone via this link) is here:

A pre-print is here:

This was rewarding to work on with Aaron and Rasheda and we hope this serves as a provocation for the field to consider how we define open science. Thank you to the editors of JRST (Troy Sadler and Felicia Mensah) for the feedback and review that made this a stronger comment.