Who’s reading Data Science in Education Using R?


When my co-authors Ryan, Emily, Isabella, and Jesse and I wrote a book, Data Science in Education Using R, we were inspired by the authors of other books (e.g., R4DS) within the R universe who made their contents freely-available—in addition to publishing a version that could be purchased in print or eBook formats.

Routledge/Taylor & Francs–specifically our wonderful editor Hannah Shakespeare–supported us in doing this, something for which we were grateful. I wrote a blog post trying to sum up some ideas around this mode of publishing (here), but still have a ton of questions about this mode of publishing, such as:

The last question is relatively easy to answer because we used Google Analytics; this lets us speak roughly to how many people are accessing the book. Inspired by other efforts to document access of open resources (e.g., EdTechBooks), here is a brief look at the last year:

Looking over the past two years, those numbers are about doubled:

This is, obviously, a coarse look. How do these compare to other open books? To the commercial versions of our book? Is this a sizable impact? How useful was the book? What problems did people encounter?

In any case, thanks to anyone who looked at the book (and, hopefully, found it useful). Thanks to the authors who inspired us to write this book in the open, too.