A social media reset


tl;dr (too long didn’t read)

The negatives

Several things came together in my mind to make me decide that I needed to reset how I use social media:

I’m not trying to convince others to do the same. Everyone is different; others receive more benefit or have more need, and many have fewer downsides than I do.

The positives

There is a cost to this. I am in touch with many people personally and professionally almost entirely through social media. Social media has been meaningful to me; many collaborations and true friendships (that I maintain off social media) were sparked through it. I’ve used Twitter since 2006. It is hugely important to me and my identity. But, the weight of the reasons for me (many of these are idiosyncratic) pointed toward needing to reset.

How to stay in touch?

I thought about stepping back quietly - isn’t that the entire point, rather than writing a (melodramatic?!?) post. but, I decided to post one last time for one primary reason - to share other ways to stay in touch, if anyone is interested in doing so. Those ways are:

Stay in touch!