New paper - intro to a special section of on data science education across the disciplines in the journal BJET

Joshua Rosenberg


More than a year ago, Shiyan Jiang and Victor Lee and I came together and chose to propose a special section on data science education across disciplines (like a special issue, but slightly different, and primarily for journals that are online only). We wrote a proposal that was accepted and then shared a call for papers (here). The central tenet was that there is a need for (and value in) understanding and supporting teaching and learning data science across fields - not only in, for instance, mathematics education settings, but also in science and even English/language arts and art education contexts.

Following a long and winding road - it’s been challenging during the pandemic - the special issue wrapped up, and Shiyan, Victor, and I wrote a (short) introduction to the special topic: why we think it was needed and what authors wrote that was included in the special issue. This introduction to the special section is available (free to access) here: I’s a brief but I think a nice paper and I can’t wait to share more about the special section and the papers in it when the special section is officially published.