Announcing the Graduate Certificate in Educational Data Science (at UTK)


I’ve been teaching classes on educational data science and learning analytics this past year, and I’ve shared about those courses as they’ve been offered (for instance, here’s some information on the introductory course).

I’m jazzed to now be announcing the Graduate Certificate in Educational Data Science at UTK. This is available to graduate students in any program at UTK and individuals not yet enrolled in a UTK graduate degree program. The intended audience for the program includes graduate students, educational analysts, and other professionals, and individuals newer to education looking to bolster their ability to access and use complex, varied sources of educational data and to become capable with newer methodologies, including network analysis, machine learning, and text analysis.

The graduate certificate consists of four courses:

More on the courses is available on the Vols Online website here. You can apply through the link there or directly through this link.

All of the classes are online and synchronous; most classes will focus on the statistical software and programming language R (though other tools will be used, too). One of the four classes can be substituted with a related, approved class.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them; please just send me a message at Please consider sharing this with interested peers, students, or colleagues.

I’ll add: I’m excited about this certificate program. I’ve learned a lot from teaching workshops, teaching initial versions of two of the courses, and observing and learning from peers; I plan to put the best of these sources into this program.