Many people have struggled with having children


Several friends shared with me storyies about their struggles with having children after I shared yesterday about my wife Katie’s miscarriage yesterday (here). These were challenges with infertility, miscarriage, and difficult births. There are others, too. It was heartbreaking; not in some saint-like - but rather in a clarifying - way, it is hard to read about the loss and heartache of others. Two comments stuck out; both were from friends who described their experiences as the hardest and darkest days of their lives. I was not unaware of these struggles, but I am more aware now, and I wonder there is more to be gained from sharing a bit more about these experiences to feel (and help others feel) less alone.

Thank you to those who shared stories or expressions of care for me and Katie, it was very welcome (if not challenging to read or hear about because of what you have been through).