Having fun with 4k video


I purchased a camera around four months ago and I have had fun taking photos and learning to take better photos. At first, I thought it was not much of an improvement on my phone, but with a few better lenses, improved technique, and a few attempts to print pictures at larger sizes, I can see the advantages in favor of using a dedicated camera.

Here’s perhaps the best (in my view) photo I’ve taken with the camera (from my little one at a fun run last weekend).

my son running

For those familiar with photography, I think the things that made this picture “work” were making sure the shutter speed was sufficiently high (since I knew he’d be moving fast, and with too slow of a shutter speed the exposure may turn out blurry) and taking a good bit of time to find a place with good light to snap the picture. But… I’m definitely still learning.

I knew my camera also recorded high-quality video, and so I’ve been having some fun shooting video in 4k resolution — a high definition resolution.

The first was with video from a trip to a local bike park with my little one and a friend and his son. It’s on YouTube (below).

The second was from what I thought would be a 15-minute task that ended up being a two-hour task, recording a short description of a recent research paper. The video I shared on YouTube (also below) had some outtakes from my many, many attempts to record a few answers to questions about the research project.

There’s not really much more of a point to this post — just a chance to share a few videos! I do hope to do more with video (and audio) in my research as well as for sharing findings from research and see these (fun) activities as chances to learn more to be in a good position to do that.