Data Science in Education Using R is updated!


The Data Science in Education Using R book has been updated based on issues in the code and writing that we have become aware of (in many cases thanks to people who have submitted issues via GitHub — and thanks to people who contacted us in other ways). Also, we had some edits leftover from the copy editing process that we hadn’t integrated into the web-based version of the book; those are also now synchronized between the Routledge and web-based version of the book.

My co-author Isabella has been the one who made the book work technically since the start. A shout out is due to Isabella for re-rendering the book.

As of today, the book has been viewed more than 120,000 times by more than 32,000 people. In the last month alone, it has been accessed by 863 people; around 30 people per day. I’m proud of how my co-authors and I shared this book in the open. It remains the product I am most proud of through the present day.