A few more poems and haikus (with assistance from AI)


Here are a two more sets of haikus and poems I wrote today, with much assistance from chatGPT (here’s a bit of background on this).

1. A quiet winter break

1. In response to this prompt:

Please write a Haiku based on the following blog post: Around 2015, my wife and I didn’t leave Lansing, Michigan, during the winter break. It was cold, snowy, dark, and one of the best and most special breaks I remember. It was a time of quiet reflection, much like this winter break when my family didn’t leave (Knoxville, Tennessee). I am still basking in the quiet (and the cold — and the pretty dark evenings!). I found this song by one of my favorite groups, Mandoling Orange, on YouTube and it captured my current mood. It is perfection!

It generated the following (I prompted it twice for follow-ups):

Quiet winter break

Memories of Lansing snow

Peaceful, dark, and cold.

Winter stillness reigns

In Lansing and Knoxville too,

A time for reflection.

Snowy Michigan,

Quiet break with my loved one,

Memories aglow.

I also switched “Haiku” out for “sonnet,” and it generated the following:

In Lansing, Michigan, where the snow falls deep, We stayed put, my love and I, and did not leap. The quiet and the cold, the dark and the still, A time of reflection, our hearts to fill.

The memories of that winter, so crisp and so clear, Remind me of this one, now, so near. In Knoxville, Tennessee, where the world slows down, I find peace in the quiet and the pretty dark town.

And as I listen to the music, soft and sweet, By Mandolin Orange, my heart skips a beat. Their words and melodies, they capture my mood, In this winter wonderland, I feel understood.

So let the snow fall, let the darkness come, For in this quiet reflection, my heart will become. A peaceful, grateful, and contented place, In this winter break, memories to embrace.

2. A bear chase

I prompted it to write a Haiku based on the contents of this post(that I copy-pasted) about a bear following us around Andrews Bald.

Bear on trail ahead

Heartbeats rise, fear spreads wide

Singing songs, retreat

I thought this was pretty good, but I asked for another with a whimsical element; it generated the following:

Bear on the path, oh no!

We sing and shout, hike away fast

A workout, unplanned.

Better than the last ones!