Three Haiku, with help from AI


Based on several conversations and ideas from friends, I copy-pasted several recent blog posts into chatGPT with a prompt like the following: Please write a Haiku based on the following blog post: (followed by the entire unedited text of the post).

(Aside: What’s chatGPT? Here is a decent overview with a focus on education)

I first used a predecessor of chatGPT, GPT-3, in April as part of a presentation on ML and AI at the LEAD Graduate School at the University of Tuebingen.

Here, I’ll pick three more or less random posts, sharing the first result after using a slightly modified prompt: *Please write a Haiku based on the following blog post in the style of Bashō: *.

Here goes. I’ll link to the blog post instead of posting its entire text.

Reflecting on the last year

Challenges bloomed
Humbling growth in mind and faith
Joy and sorrow mix

Tearing down goal posts was not cool

Victory cheers ring out
Fans rush the field in joy
But let’s celebrate right

Why it can be hard to understand the Smokies (and a bit on my understanding of them)

Nature’s symphony
Smokies’ silence speaks loudest
Peace found within stillness

How are they? Not… bad, but not quite right in these three cases.