The mass shooting at MSU


When I heard that a man shot and killed three Michigan State University students in the Student Union, I thought of the time I spent in that building—one of the two where students were shot. Absurdly, I remember filling my presentation poster’s tube with snacks at the end of the CREATE for STEM mini-conference there. I also remember getting my graduation hood and robe sized; absurdly for a different reason, I remember how my initials were incorrectly embroidered on the robe as “RHM”. I contacted the store, was asked to send the robe back, and then received a package in the mail with the same initials embroidered: “RHM”.

I grew into who I am in Lansing. I became more disciplined, focused, and honest. My wife and I had our son while we lived there. I can’t think about MSU without thinking about some of the happiest times of my life. So, hearing about the mass shooting that occurred there brings back those feelings and a deep sadness about what this event will do the students and staff and wider community; the kids whose lives were lost means that the lives of many others are changed, too. I don’t know else what to say about the mass shooting, except that this shouldn’t happen.

I listened to Lord Huron more than any other musical artist in Michigan. Their music isn’t generally super dark, but this song is, and it seems appropriate today.

I took a little journey to the unknown
And I’ve come back changed, I can feel it in my bones
I fucked with forces that our eyes can’t see
Now the darkness got a hold on me
Oh, the darkness got a hold on me
How long baby have I been away?
Oh, it feels like ages, though you say it’s only days
There ain’t language for the things I’ve seen, yeah
And the truth is stranger than my own worst dreams
The truth is stranger than all my dreams
Oh, the darkness got a hold on me

Sending well wishes and peace to those grieving.