Lost in Honey Creek during a flood


Honey Creek is one of the most outstanding hiking trails in the Southeast and it may even validly be on a list of the most outstanding hiking trails in the country.

It is hard to find good summaries of it. AllTrails is one source of information on it, but neither the summary nor any one review describes the experience. I’ll try:

It’s an around five-mile loop hike with a half-mile, 200-foot cliff line, an overlook of the free-flowing Big South Fork, a portion in a valley that seems primordial, where the trail goes in the creek, through and over boulders, past 100 foot, 50 foot, 10 foot, and little slate waterfalls, around what seem like amphitheaters carved from the rock, and down several steep portions that involve using a rope. It’s wild.

I went on Friday with two of my closest friends (who I’ve known for around 18 and 13 years) after around 1.5” of rain on Thursday.