What religious feeling is to me - making the everyday special and feeling grateful


I have been peppering my recent posts with religious elements—but not speaking to religion directly. In this post, I’ll speak to religion directly.

Last night, my wife and I said thanks for our (sick with a nasty virus!) child. We also expressed thanks for the growing child in Katie’s belly for doing well in there. These expressions of thanks were a way to make an everyday Friday night special.

Over the last few weeks, I have also been almost overwhelmed with gratitude. I have a life full of gifts, but these last few weeks have been extra special.

These two things—making the everyday special and experiencing gratitude—may not typically be considered to be religious expressions, but I am claiming them as such… partially based upon this lovely book but also based on feeling like they are real. Making the everyday special and being grateful. Not more, but not less—and not exclusionary and hurtful as religion (Judaism and other religions, too) can all too often be.