Yesterday, I watched Michigan State University (my alma mater) play Kansas State University in the NCAA tournament (aka, “March Madness”). After this game, the University of Tennessee played Florida Atlantic University. The Michigan State University game was so fun, but anxiety-producing. I watched with my son, who got really into it. As the game entered overtime, he was a bit of a mess—as I was, too.

Michigan State lost. So did Tennessee (both teams were favorites, but Tennessee was a heavy favorite!). When Kansas State scored as time expired, my son burst into tears, inconsolable. It was sad. He said he felt so sad. I did, too.

At once though, it was a great experience - rewarding to watch a team you care about compete at the most competitive level. My wife Katie kept emphasizing that the game was so fun to watch, but the most important part is that Michigan State - and Kansas State - and Tennessee - played hard. It’s as hard to recognize this as a kid as it is an adult, sometimes.