prcr: An R Package for Person-Centered Analysis


I’m excited to share that prcr (0.1.0), an R package for person-centered analysis, is now available on CRAN via install.packages("prcr").

Person-centered analyses focus on clusters, or profiles, of observations, and their change over time or differences across factors.

The package is designed to be “low threshold but high ceiling”, in that you can do all of the analysis with one function, create_profiles(df, n_clusters), where dfis a data.frame of the variables to cluster, and n_clusters is the specified number of clusters.

If you look at ?create_profiles(), there are a lot of other options, from whether to center / scale the data (with to_scale and to_center), to the distance metric and linkage method. The function also outputs all of the information from the clustering, so you can extract the dendrogram from the hierarchical clustering, for example.

A brief vignette / tutorial using built-in data is here.

Please feel free to contact me or create an issue (or fork the project) on the GitHub page for prcr.