Hey AERA, what’s up with that?


I like the American Educational Research Association; it’s my professional home.

I was pretty surprised to see this letter, advocating against open access to educational research that is funded through federal agencies (i.e., the Institute of Educational Sciences, the National Science Foundation, etc.).

Inside Higher Ed has an article on AERA’s (and other professional organization’s) opposition.

Basically, this is wrong. I think AERA is on the wrong side of a trend - driven by access to information through the Internet - toward open access. Additionally, I’m pretty bummed that AERA took this stand. I don’t think that they consulted with their members about this, as I would have opposed it - and I’m sure many others would have, too.

I’m not leaving AERA over this, but I’m certainly not dropping this and moving on, either.

h/t Daniel Anderson for making me aware of this.