Presentation on ‘Won’t you be my neighboR? An introduction to R for data science in education’


This past week, I presented a workshop, Won’t you be my neighboR? An introduction to R for data science in education. for Educational Psychology and Educational Technology PhD students (and a few others) with Emily Bovee.

Here is the description:

R is a freely-available, cross-platform, open-source programming language and statistical software environment that is well-suited to data analysis and data science, but, can have an high barrier to entry. This workshop provides an introduction to R in education, with a focus on developing a foundation in capabilities (and confidence!) that can be applied in a variety of data analysis contexts. Most of the time will be spent on developing the following skills: a) Getting started with R Studio, b) Visualizing (with the ggplot2 R package), processing (with dplyr), and modeling data and presenting results (using a regression model and apatables), c) Creating reproducible reports using R Markdown and papaja. There are not prerequisites, though, to get the most from the workshop, please bring your own laptop computer with you with R and R Studio installed (instructions below).

Slides from the workshop are available here.

A repository for the workshop, which includes an interactive R Markdown document, is here.