Recent publications on an online experiment platform, creatively focused technology fluency, and a computational science simulation


I realized I haven’t written about a few exciting manuscripts that I have co-authored or authored that have been published in the past year! The following pubications are on the design of virtual experiment platform, a creatively focused technology mindset, and students’ use of a computational science simulation, respectively.

Blondel, D. V., Sansone, A., Rosenberg, J. M., Yang, B. W., Linennbrink-Garcia, L., & Schwarz-Bloom, R. D. (advance online publication). Development of an online experiment platform (Rex) for high school biology. Journal of Formative Design for Learning.

Henriksen, D., Mehta, R. & Rosenberg, J. (2019). Supporting a creatively focused technology fluent mindset among educators: survey results from a five-year inquiry into teachers’ confidence in using technology. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 27(1), 63-95.

Rosenberg, J. M., & Lawson, M. J. (2019). An investigation of students’ use of a computational science simulation in an online high school physics class. Education Sciences, 9(49), 1-19.