Sickness and gratitude


As this post’s title indicates, this isn’t a typical blog post for me; it’s on (much) a personal note. I’ll preface this post by saying that I’m fundamentally healthy (and so is my fam): that is sort of the thesis of the post.

Starting in December, our son came down with a bad ear infection that continued through the holiday break (and the new year). He got better - we got sick - and we moved on. Then he got another ear infection, then another (and another!?! I’m not sure), and, then, came down with an ear infection (and - we think - the flu, which we came down with, too) this past weekend. We finally bit the bullet, and scheduled an appointment for a tubes surgery. It was a hard decision, because it is a surgery, but, it’s somewhat non-invasive, and, from what we can tell, it should help.

So, the first part of this post was about sickness; the second part is about gratitude. All of us in our family fundamenetally have our health; we’ll bounce back; and. As challenging as the last few months have been, they are also a humbling reminder to be grateful for what is most important. And, so, this post is just a reflection on that - a lot of sickness, a little gratitude.