Taking a break from social media


Since this past summer, I’ve tried to moderate my use of social media. I’ve tried a number of strategies (like limiting the amount of time I spend each day), but none have been very effective, apart from a fairly dramatic step, deactivating my accounts, which was effective (until I got back on). While my accounts were deactivated, I missed keeping up with and being in touch with friends and family, but I found other ways to communciate (I actually had two phone calls!).

Social media is immensely powerful. I met through Twitter all (but one) of the co-authors of the data science-related book I am writing. A Facebook-based group (which I learned about through a local bike shop) for mountain biking around Lansing was the source of some of my favorite memories during my last year in Michigan. These are just a few examples.

Some, I know, are better about moderating their use, but I’m not. I don’t have anything profound to say; I seem to be unable to use social media moderately. So, I’m going to take a longer break from social media. I know there are folks who I will want to stay in touch with; I’ll be sure to stay in touch (but reach out via text, or email, carrier pigeon, or some other messaging service or means).