My efforts at keeping up with educational research, development, and news


My colleague and book co-author Ryan Estrellado and I have a new podcast, About Practice. It’s a podcast about the divide between research and practice in education and how those on either side of the divide can build bridges to the other. Check it out if you’re interested!

Here’s the first episode:

In an upcoming episode, we’ll discuss how we each keep up with educational research, development efforts and initiatives, and news. This post represents my attempt at capturing some of the ideas I have prior to our conversation. It’s organized by type. I’m providing fairly minimal annotation but will say more in the pod; consider subscribing to it! Last, this is an incomplete list that I’ll likely revise after we talk.


I find the best way to keep up with journals to be subscribing to the journal’s feed via RSS. I use Feedly (though I miss Google Reader!). I link to their feeds below.

Here are some journals I keep up with; I at least like to see the titles of articles in these, checking articles of interest/relevance (by way of my University’s library for those that aren’t open-access1):


I like to look at the titles (and papers) for the following conferences:


I subscribe to the following education-related newsletters:

I also follow local educational news, especially that in Compass.

Mailing Lists

I subscribe to a few mailing lists, too;

  1. It’s pretty striking to me that all but one of these journals are not open-access and require a subscription; in my view, that’s bad, and is something Ryan and I will discuss in another episode!