Will we be back to Michigan one day?


Katie created an Instagram reel with some pictures from our time in Michigan earlier this month (and late the previous month). It was a hectic trip — our son was exposed to COVID right before we went, so we delayed, and then my aunt and uncle visiting there tested positve, and we thought my Mom had COVID… — but a very good one, especially looking back. It was an eye-opening one. We went camping as a family at Holland State Park on Lake Michigan, where Katie and I used to go regularly. Katie reminded me that once, when I was gone, she camped there herself, biking more than 20 miles up and down the coast of Lake Michigan. On the way there, we pointed out the greenway on which we biked more than 50 miles on a single day. We stopped in Lansing and showed our son where we lived (and where he lived soon after he was born). We ran around MSU. We had a good time at my parents.

Katie’s reel had an apropos song from Lord Huron, a Michigan-based band who we saw with friends in Lansing (in 2016?).

I want to live in a land of lakes Where the great waves break And the night runs right into the day I wanna be with ones I left

You made me swear I’d never forget I made a vow I’d see you again I will be back one day And I’ll find you there by the great big lake

Wanna visit the windswept shores of the time before When the moon and the stars were aligned I remember the bright spring day When you sparked a flame And a fire that continues to burn

I don’t know if we’ll be back some day; our lives are in Knoxville now and our lives are really, really good, but missing Michigan makes visiting extra special.