National Academies Workshop on Data Science Education (DSE) - Call for DSE Challenges


The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics is planning a workshop on Data Science Education on September 13-14. The workshop is in-person and online; you can register to attend it here.

With my colleague Seth Jones, I am writing one of four commissioned papers for the workshop; ours is on learning data science. An outline for our paper is here in Google Docs; we definitely welcome any input on our plan for the (brief!) paper.

The organizers of the workshop are requesting that people in this field (broadly - anyone can submit!) challenges relating to data science education. Here’s the specific request

In advance of the workshop, please submit an example of challenges educators face when working to enact Data Science activities, OR an example that reflects successful real-world application of Data Science with youth, OR an example of an existing software/tool/technology that’s been used and could be adopted to supplement Data Science learning. Selected examples will be shared on the NASEM website and via slide show during a break in the workshop.

These challenges can be submitted via this (brief!) Google Form.

I’m excited about the field to be developing to the point that there is this workshop and the opportunity for the field to begin to reflect on what we know about data science education and what we need to know more about and do next. I will share the final version of Seth and my paper before this event! Thank you to workshop co-organisers Michelle Wilkerson and Nicholas Horton and National Academies program officers Amy Stephens and Janet Gao for this opportunity to participate in the workshop.