Learning R (for data analysis and data science): Where to start


A friend of a friend (also in educational research) posted that he was interested in learning R.

I had a couple of ideas but knew that others might have better ideas. So, I posted (on Twitter) looking for recommendations and received some excellent talks, links, and other resources.

Here they are, in Tweet form (you may have to click on the links in tweets to see some of the resources and content)

All of my thoughts on learning #rstats + learning new things in #rstats : https://t.co/7ZfWsNsrLehttps://t.co/UufGWsOfZC

— Alison Hill (@apreshill) June 3, 2018

I've been collecting some ideas and sharing them here as I work on developing curriculum to teach #rstats to evaluators: https://t.co/FKArrQzYzc It has a strong emphasis on resources that will help people with absolutely no background in R.

— David Keyes (@dgkeyes) June 3, 2018

I have been learning via data-camp and following @rnlanders online course in R (https://t.co/qci1ypr5cL) I would say I've gone from 0 knowledge in R to comfortable enough to use R for many of my analyses

— Kabir Daljeet (@kdaljeet) June 3, 2018

I second the @DataCamp vote! Also, it helps (as you know) to plan to search extensively on @StackOverflow when a roadblock arises. Last advice: it’s hard for everyone, don’t give up. The payoff is so worth it!

— Emily Bovee (@ebovee09) June 4, 2018

I also usually suggest @DataCamp and R4DS

— Malcolm Barrett (@malco_barrett) June 3, 2018

  1. Have a specific problem that you commit to working on using R.
    2) Read R for Data Science here (free): https://t.co/juWFCrJPuz
    3) Join the #r4ds community (on Slack [https://t.co/duTnhbzQ4z] & on Twitter)

    What are your recs? [2/2]

    — Joshua Rosenberg (@jrosenberg6432) June 3, 2018