Presentation on engaging students in science at the ‘Crossing Boundaries for STEM Education’ regional meeting and mini-conference


I was excited to have the opportunity to present on Engaging students in science: Findings from an experience sampling method approach at the East TN STEM Hub ‘Crossing Boundaries for STEM Education’ regional meeting and mini-conference. I liked presenting there, alongside colleagues in biology, engineering, computer science, and my home department at UTK. It reminded me of one of my favorite events at Michigan State University–the Create for STEM mini-conference.

My presentation, which was focused on Dr. Jennifer Schmidt, Patrick Beymer, and my recent paper in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching (pre-print here), is posted here. It was a short (three-minute) presentation; I probably included too many sides, but I made it through it.

Thank you Jennifer Schmidt and Patrick Beymer for allowing me to present on our work. Also, a big thank you to Dr. Lynn Hodge, Dr. Anne Ho, Nick Kim, and Shande King for organizing this event. Finally, thank you to Anne for taking the photo of my (and others’) presentations and for sharing them with us.