Author of R packages on Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN)

Rosenberg, J. M., van Lissa, C. J., Beymer, P. N., Anderson, D. J., Schell, M. J. & Schmidt, J. A. (2019). tidyLPA: Easily carry out Latent Profile Analysis (LPA) using open-source or commercial software [R package].

Rosenberg, J. M., Xu, R., & Frank, K. A. (2019). konfound: Quantify the robustness of causal inferences [R package].

Rosenberg, J. M., Schmidt, J. A., Beymer, P. N., & Steingut, R. (2018). prcr: Person-Centered Analysis [R package].

Rosenberg, J. M., & Lishinski, A. (2018). clustRcompaR: Easy interface for clustering a set of documents and exploring group-based patterns [R package].

Contributor to R package on CRAN

D’Agostina McGowan, L., Hester, J., Rosenberg, J. M., & Leek, J. (2020). *tidycode: Analyze Lines of R Code the Tidy Way.

Author of R packages on GitHub

Estrellado, R. A., Bovee, E. A., Mostipak, J., Rosenberg, J. M., & Velásquez, I. C. (2019). dataedu: Package for Data Science in Education Using R.

Anderson, D. Heiss, A., and Rosenberg, J. M. (2019). equatiomatic: Transform Models into LaTeX Equations.

Velásquez, I. and Rosenberg, J. M. (2019). leaidr: U.S. School District Shapefiles

Seo, J., & Rosenberg, J. M. (2020). jladown: Writing a Reproducible Article for Journal of Learning Analytics in R Markdown.

Staudt Willet, B., & Rosenberg, J. M. (2020). tidytags: Simple Collection and Powerful Analysis of Twitter Data

Interactive Web Applications

Rosenberg, J. M., Xu, R., & Frank, K. A. (2019). Konfound-It!: Quantify the robustness of causal inferences.

Rosenberg, J. M., & Krist, C. (2019). Generality embedded assessment classifier.

Rosenberg, J. M. (2019). How many (MCMC) cores?

Rosenberg, J. M. (2016). State Educational Twitter Hashtags (SETHs).

Computational Science Simulation

Rosenberg, J. M. (2016). Diffusion & temperature. Lab Interactive Simulation.

Python-Based Web Application

Lishinski, A., & Rosenberg, J. M. (2019). Short message survey: An open-source, text-message based application for the experience sampling method.

Estrellado, R. A., Freer, E. A., Mostipak, J., Rosenberg, J. M., & Velásquez, I. C. (in press). Data science in education using R. London, England: Routledge.

Miscellaneous Code

I share most of my in-development code and code related to analyses on GitHub: I also share code and associated files (presentations, pre-prints, and resources) on the Open Science Framework: