Materials for my tenure and promotion bid


I like sharing

I’m not a hero here, but one small step I’ve taken at previous stages in my career to share materials that are conventionally kept private has been useful to others - and me, as a reference, especially:

In that spirit, after completing the materials I needed for my tenure and promotion “bid” (application? I’m not sure what to call it), I thought to share those, too, in the event they are helpful to others - and me! - in the future. At least I’ll know where I saved them!


The tenure dossier at my institution requires a host of documents, but I think the core of the dossier is three statements, for research, teaching/advising, and service. Those are:

In addition, I was required to upload a variety of documents that are effectively reorganized and annotated portions of my CV. Here’s the CV I uploaded:

Thanks… and some caveats

I received a lot of help from many others in putting these together. Moreover, I’ve received a lot of help from many others in my work. Thank you to everyone who provided that help. I will work hard to pass on the great support I have had to others.

For anyone reading this wondering what this means about my progression in the tenure and promotion process: it’s just the beginning, and perhaps presumptuous of me to share documents that may not be associated with a successful bid. Nevertheless, I thought there was not likely to be a time when this was as on my mind as it is now, and so elected to share well (around nine months!) before I’ll hear about the success or failure of my attempt to earn tenure. So, sharing these isn’t meant to represent my belief that these are exemplary; it is more a (humble) step taken to share something that may be helpful as one example among others of these materials.